About Us

Over the past decade, OnePoint Advantage (OPA) has helped employers offer real estate and relocation services to their employees. Their employees are moving on their own, just down the street, retiring or they are being transferred by the company with or without financial assistance.

OPA was created to provide the service support to families and individuals who would otherwise not have access to these services. We’ve also negotiated discounts with our service partners and pass those directly onto you!

Our Mission

  • Guidance – Work with a dedicated relocation counselor who will review your unique needs and help craft a plan of action to help your upcoming move go smoothly and within your budget.
  • Resources - Online access to services, area and school information, budgeting tools, address changing, and more.
  • Advocacy – OPA has a great working relationship with our service partners which means we know who to call, on your behalf, to dig into matters that need extra attention. With all the facts in hand, your relocation counselor will be equipped to help negotiate a satisfactory result.
  • Choices – Options are the name of the game, not only to help find a service that fits your budget, but to help you compare services and pricing. This allows you to comparison shop among vetted service partners who have a track record of quality services.
  • Expertise – Our counselors have years of experience helping relocating families and use this experience to create a custom strategy guide you every step of the way.


Relocation Counseling and Service Referral Management - This one service alone sets us apart for all other programs! your counselor is proactive. They reach out to you, listen, evaluate, recommend and then act.

At OPA, every person is assigned a full-time relocation counselor, who has decades of experience. They will reach out to you at the outset of your move, conduct a thorough needs assessment, and review the policy if your being moved by your company. Your counselor will help craft a plan of action, which goes a long way to reducing the stress of the move. The counselor will then assign all appropriate service providers, who will contact you to explain their services, options, pricing and more.

Throughout the move, your counselor stays in touch with you and the assigned suppliers to ensure that your relocation is moving along as smoothly as possible. They are also there to provide advocacy, if needed.

P.S. We have never met a transferee who didn’t appreciate guidance and support from a real person, no matter what their age group.

Home Finding Assistance

OPA will contact a real estate broker from within our network who will assign an agent from their team of certified relocation agents to work with the transferee. 

Home Sale Assistance

For folks selling their home, OPA will contact two listing real estate brokers from within our network. Each broker will assign an agent from their team of certified relocation agents to work with you. You will determine which agent you would like to list your home with. You will receive a relocation benefit.

Rental Assistance / Area Orientation

OPA can utilize our network of real estate brokers who will assign a rental tour agent. There is usually a fee related to this service. If you company is providing relocation benefits, it may be included in your package.

Hotel Search Resource

Accessed through our website, and available 24/7. You can take advantage of our corporate discounts at over 80,000 hotels across the US. Our website offers easy search functions, the ability to book hotels online, store credit card information, and download your itinerary, to help track your spending and travel. Reserving a hotel through our search engine will save you an average of 23%, compared to the best available rates online.

Lending Services

OPA has partnered with lenders who offer special rates and greatly reduced closing costs. Our lenders can also handle international transferees who wish to purchase a home in the US, but have no US credit.

Household Goods Coordination

OPA provides access to container and trailer movers, move labor, auto shipping and truck rental. Each partner offers discounts and a dedicated customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I receive my relocation benefits?

Simply register online and speak with an OPA counselor. Your counselor needs to place your service request with our service partners for you to receive your benefits.

2. I have a real estate agent in mind that I would like to use. Can I use a preferred real estate agent?

For sure! Please provide us with their name and contact information before you have spoken to them. If you have not started working with them, we’re happy to review our program and requirements with them.

3. Do I qualify for a relocation benefit if I am already actively working with a real estate agent?

Unfortunately, no. OPA needs to refer the agent to you. However, you can still take advantage of our lending and moving services and discounts.

4. How soon do I receive my benefits?

Real Estate Purchase or Sale - Within 30 days of your closing.
Lending Services – Given at settlement.
Moving Services - The appropriate discounts will be applied to your bill at the time services were performed.

5. Am I obligated to use the services offered by OPA after I have enrolled or inquired about a service?

Nope. This is a voluntary program offered by your company to provide assistance and some financial benefits.

6. When can I use my benefits and how often?

You can use your benefits anytime and as often as you like. They never expire even if you move to a different company.

7. Who can use this relocation benefit program?

Anyone in your orbit; family members and friends.