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What is a CLUE Report?

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CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. It is a comprehensive database of personal property information relating mainly to insurance claims on private property. CLUE was developed by, and is currently operated by, ChoicePoint Asset Co., The typical CLUE report contains information about either an insured or a property. The key information on the report is the claims history of the individual or the property. This section includes a list of all claims made in the last 5 years. This report includes:

  • Date of the claim
  • Name of the insurance company involved
  • Policy number, claim number, and address
  • Cause of loss
  • Amounts paid,
  • Status of the claim
  • Name of the insured and the claimant.

KEY NOTE: The CLUE report details the "claim history" of a given consumer. Many consumers have been surprised to find that such history may include virtual any call made to an insurance representative regarding a loss, whether or not a claim for compensation is actually filed. CLUE reports can only be obtained by an individual for the home or property he or she currently owns and resides in. The reports can be obtained from ChoicePoint over the web at www.choicetrust.com A CLUE report can pose problems for homeowners or future homeowners. When faced with a prospective insured, insurance providers use the CLUE database to find out information not only about the customer, but also about the residence to be covered. Often this will cause problems for homeowners who have recently purchased a property. If they assume they will be able to get insurance easily because they always have had coverage and have never made any claims, they may be surprised when they are turned down based on claims made on their new property by the previous owners. Therefore, savvy realtors are increasingly requiring a copy of the seller's CLUE report as a condition for closing.